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Your Best Defense Against Inflammation: Proteolytic Enzymes
Inflammation in the body

Enzymes are essential for life and are required for normal functioning of all organs systems. The human body has a finite number of enzymes for production with half of them used up by the age of 25. Supplementing with systemic enzymes will promote longevity, better overall health and indirectly support digestion before being excreted from the body.


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Allergies – What Lies Beneath the Surface?
Food Nutrient (food state)

Addressing allergies begins with recognizing that the allergen is a triggering factor to an over-reaction of the immune system. According to Biological Medicine principles, this reaction is an indication of a severely disturbed internal milieu, compromised intestinal mucous membranes, and a weakened bacterial colony.

The Best Way to Obtain Nutrients for the Body
Food Nutrient (food state)

Food is the dominant means for the human body to obtain nutrients. However, the nutritional value of food sources has been gradually decreasing over the past decades due to soil nutrient depletion.

Statistics reveal that one in every three adults takes some form of nutritional supplementation on a regular basis. Yet, the vast majority of vitamins and minerals consumed today are derived from synthetic, laboratory derived chemicals, known as “USP” or “isolated chemical nutrients”.

Food Nutrient's advanced state of nutrient delivery in the body is the closest to the efficiency of food.

New Study Shows Tocotrienol Demonstrates Better Gastroprotective Effects

Compared to Omeprazole (a medication for peptic ulcer disorders), EVNol™ was more potent in ameliorating oxidative stress and inflammation-associated gastric damage. Based on study findings, the researchers suggested that EVNol™ palm tocotrienol complex exhibits significantly higher anti-oxidative potency and able to manage inflammatory processes more effectively to improve gastric health.


Top Hollywood Doctor Utilizes Biological Medicine


Dr Khalsa is an MD trained at Yale, who applies holistic natural medicine approaches. These principles are consistent with the Suisse Biological Medicine modality and technologies used at Paracelsus Clinic by Dr Thomas Rau MD and that team. Dr Khalsa has utilized this approach, along with selected aligned innovations, because it is contributing to better outcomes for difficult cases.

This global convergence of independent successful results from a common Biological Medicine theme approach is continuing evidence that keeps us excited for the future.

Female Tonic is a well-known, traditional German formula designed to restore women’s health. It works to balance emotional ups and downs and is an excellent tonic for overall menstrual health....

Leap Over Cold & Flu with Biomed's Immune Support Formulas Read more

Discover SalvTonic: Multi-Target Protection for the Heart and Vessels

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Canada, accounting for 41% of all deaths in women and 37% of all deaths in men. Every 7 minutes in Canada, someone dies from heart disease or stroke. Advances in modernized TCM are at the forefront of cardiovascular health, with the key to success being the activation of blood circulation leading to increased blood flow and microcirculation, and alleviation of blood stasis.


Candida albicans and Our Body’s Endogenic Defenses

The decisive factor for the manifestation of a Candida infection, where there is a contact between a mammalian organism and cells of the yeast fungus, is always the result of interactions between the virulent factors of the yeast and the endogenic defense mechanisms of the host. Particularly decisive for the manifestation of an infection is the capacity of the Candida cells to attach themselves and adhere to the host cells. This initial step de-pends on the surface of the cellular wall of the yeast cells, as well as on possible receptors on the body cells, which are able to interact with the yeast structures.


A Natural Medicine Success Story

I had a male patient age 58 who presented at my clinic with a prostate cancer diagnosis. He brought along his labs which showed Gleason score 6 – 7, PSA of 87.

After the interview I ordered an immediate dietary change, added homeopathic and nutritional remedies, and anticipated a dental examination with a suitable practitioner to evaluate possible remediation.