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After well over 15 years of community pain and debate an Epidemic is still being pushed underground?

Thank you again to Abby Martin and that team in DC. Where else to hear about these issues seen daily in our Integrated/Natural/Holistic Medicine Clinics?

Also watch Under Our Skin – a touching and revealing award-winning movie about this very important story. What progress since that release in 2008? Also see "Dallas Buyers Club" – a historical lesson about a problem that is only getting worse today.

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A Natural Medicine Success Story

I had a male patient age 58 who presented at my clinic with a prostate cancer diagnosis. He brought along his labs which showed Gleason score 6 – 7, PSA of 87.

After the interview I ordered an immediate dietary change, added homeopathic and nutritional remedies, and anticipated a dental examination with a suitable practitioner to evaluate possible remediation.

What Are Drainage Remedies?

Drainage remedies target the organs that have the primary function of managing detoxification of metabolic and exogenous waste materials. The emunctories (routes of elimination) are the organ systems that are physiologically involved in draining or removing waste material from the body. The emunctories include the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, bowel, lungs, skin, digestive system, stomach, pancreas, and mucous membranes. Using drainage remedies to open the organs of elimination allows for the body to achieve success in detoxification...

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M.D. Reimar Banis touts energy medicine
Dr. Reimar Banis

When someone experiencing extreme stress develops an ulcer or someone who’s anxious has heart palpitations, it’s hard to refute the body-mind connection. According to practitioners of Rubimed therapy, sometimes physical symptoms stem from past emotional experiences that were too traumatic to fully process at the time.

Rubimed, a European approach that uses homeopathic remedies to resolve emotional conflicts and thereby improve physical health, got its start in Germany about 20 years ago. A naturopath and conventionally trained medical doctor named Reimar Banis noticed that some of his patients just weren’t making progress despite being treated for chronic disease.

Practical Uses of Drainage Remedies

The Nestmann drainage remedies are designed to target specific organs and supporting organs to achieve desired results.

Drainage remedies jump-start the detoxification process of the organ systems directly involved with elimination of waste products...