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Biological medicine offers a common sense understanding of the principles of health – why we get sick and how we can support our body become well. Founded in 1997, the Biological Medicine Network (BMN) is dedicated to the vision of complete health and wellbeing through the advancement, accessibility and widening availability of biological medicine in North America.

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Conference Confirms Health Benefits of Tocotrienols

As a Natural Medicine innovation distributor we have been watching the horizon of all chronic disease prevention and treatment options closely.

Here is a great conference we attended at San Francisco the first weekend of February 2015.

The topic list:

  • Tocotrienol and findings in Brain Protection by Dr. KH Yuen; Radio-Protective Properties of Tocotrienols by Dr. Martin Hauer-Jensen
  • Palm Tocotrienols in Stroke Artifact Recovery and Prevention by Dr. Chandan Sen
  • Role of Palm Phytonutrients in Treatment and Prevention of Chronic Diseases by the panel; and Regulation of Obesity and Inflammation by Gamma-Tocotrienol by Dr. Soonkyu Chung

Our Toco-X-Krill is the world’s only formulation of its kind. We are very proud to offer this remarkable functional combination formula currently available in Canada and in the USA in March 2015.


Biological Medicine Knows the Story & the Answers

After well over 15 years of community pain and debate an Epidemic is still being pushed underground?

Thank you again to Abby Martin and that team in DC. Where else to hear about these issues seen daily in our Integrated/Natural/Holistic Medicine Clinics?

Also watch Under Our Skin – a touching and revealing award-winning movie about this very important story. What progress since that release in 2008? Also see "Dallas Buyers Club" – a historical lesson about a problem that is only getting worse today.

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Top Hollywood Doctor Utilizes Biological Medicine


Dr Khalsa is an MD trained at Yale, who applies holistic natural medicine approaches. These principles are consistent with the Suisse Biological Medicine modality and technologies used at Paracelsus Clinic by Dr Thomas Rau MD and that team. Dr Khalsa has utilized this approach, along with selected aligned innovations, because it is contributing to better outcomes for difficult cases.

This global convergence of independent successful results from a common Biological Medicine theme approach is continuing evidence that keeps us excited for the future.

A Natural Medicine Success Story

I had a male patient age 58 who presented at my clinic with a prostate cancer diagnosis. He brought along his labs which showed Gleason score 6 – 7, PSA of 87.

After the interview I ordered an immediate dietary change, added homeopathic and nutritional remedies, and anticipated a dental examination with a suitable practitioner to evaluate possible remediation.

M.D. Reimar Banis touts energy medicine
Dr. Reimar Banis

When someone experiencing extreme stress develops an ulcer or someone who’s anxious has heart palpitations, it’s hard to refute the body-mind connection. According to practitioners of Rubimed therapy, sometimes physical symptoms stem from past emotional experiences that were too traumatic to fully process at the time.

Rubimed, a European approach that uses homeopathic remedies to resolve emotional conflicts and thereby improve physical health, got its start in Germany about 20 years ago. A naturopath and conventionally trained medical doctor named Reimar Banis noticed that some of his patients just weren’t making progress despite being treated for chronic disease.