Rubimed Seattle Oct. 2018 Photos

Rubimed Level 1 January 2019 Group Photo

Photos from Rubimed Level 1, January, 2019 that took place in Toronto, ON.


CHFA Health on the Hill Day

CHFA Health on the Hill Day

CHFA Health on the Hill Day! Discussing Plain Language Labeling with Don Davies, Vice Chair of Health Committee, NDP BC. From left to right: Adam Gibson CHFA, Gavin Mah Biomed, Don Davies NDP BC, Matt Breach Tall Grass and Michael Bentley Sierrasil.


Healing the Mind Heals the Body

Healing the Mind Heals the Body

What is true health in the broadest sense? It is not only a healthy body and mind, but above all, a free flowing life energy. Rubimed Therapy (Psychosomatic Energetics) arose from the idea that the basis of genuine health is the harmonious interaction of the three most important components of our organism, namely the body (soma), the mind (psyche) and our life energy (energetics).....


FIVE Causes of Thyroid Dysfunction

Thyroid Dysfunction

Do you have cold hands and cold feet? Do you have difficulty losing weight? Do you experience constipation? Do you have dry skin or brittle nails? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your thyroid may be out of balance...


A Natural Medicine Success Story

A male patient, late 60s, presented with Stage 4 Metast. Pancreatic cancer. He was told by the Cross CA Institute in Edmonton that he had one month to live and that chemo or radiation could not help him anymore.

The patient received high dose Vitamin C I.Vs, neutraceuticals and changed his diet. He was also very spiritual so he prayed 3 times a day with his wife. Six months later, he was still alive so he went for another MRI.


Featured Product

Nattokinase NSK-SD

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  • Chronic inflammation
  • Joint pain & tendonitis
  • Acute & chronic pain
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SalvTonic: Microcirculation Formula for Cardiovascular Health
SalvTonic acts to improve circulation, increase blood flow, lower total cholesterol, reduce plaque formation, and prevent thrombosis. Read more about SalvTonic here..

Candida albicans and Our Body’s Endogenic Defenses

The decisive factor for the manifestation of a Candida infection, where there is a contact between a mammalian organism and cells of the yeast fungus, is always the result of interactions between the virulent factors of the yeast and the endogenic defense mechanisms of the host. Particularly decisive for the manifestation of an infection is the capacity of the Candida cells to attach themselves and adhere to the host cells. This initial step de-pends on the surface of the cellular wall of the yeast cells, as well as on possible receptors on the body cells, which are able to interact with the yeast structures.