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Biomed was established in 1995 by founder Harlan Lahti, a licensed Pharmacist who has focused his career on finding better ways to serve community health for over four decades.

Harlan has invested his personal time, expertise and resources in finding worldwide products and systems that have demonstrated clinical success. In cases where new, effective formulations are needed, Biomed has developed its own lines.

Naturopathic principles and Biological Medicine principles are at the center of purpose in the Biomed catalogue. The support also extends to practitioner and student education that spreads knowledge of new clinical applications and the physiological understandings behind them.

Biomed products are a reflection of the patient’s health plan as a ‘system’ that is preventative, integrated and individualized in its scope. The Biomed catalogue provides components of naturopathic treatment ‘systems’:

Biomed Supplements: are unique formulations that contain clinically proven ingredients and are targeted to achieve therapeutic compliance and efficacy.

Nestmann Pharma: is a long established German manufacturer of traditional complex homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures.

Food Nutrient Series: Food Nutrient Series advances the assimilation of nutrient delivery to the equivalent efficiency of food, without having to eat all of the source foods in volume.

Pleo® Sanum products by Sanum-Kehlbeck are the original isopathicterra medica pleo-sanum rubimed biological medicineand homeopathic biological medicines from Germany. These products provide a broad spectrum medical alternative that is not antibiotic or hormone based while effectively delivering acute and chronic care.

Rubimed Remedies (PSE): are energy medicine products from Germany used in Europe and North America. These homeopathic products are clinically shown to resolve the depleting health impacts of past psychological traumata and stress.


Exclusive distributor of the original German Pleo-Sanum products and Rubimed energy medicine


Biomed proudly serves over 3,000 practitioners across North America including: medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, dentists, homeopaths, homotoxicologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, reflexologists, nutritionists and kinesiologists. Veterinary innovators are also utilizing integrated biological approaches on a growing scale.