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These are just some of the many testimonials sent to Dr. Reimar Banis recenty:

Particularly after working out my Central Conflict, things are now finally going better for me! And I'm very positively surprised at the extent of my own personality changes …

E-Mail from Ms. I. K.

I am very far along in looking into your products and have a burning interest in learning what's behind this therapeutic method.

E-Mail from Ms. I. B.

I became acquainted with the PSE method through my own treatment from Ms. S. B. In Berlin. I'm fascinated by the method and would like to learn more about it …

E-Mail from Ms. E. B.

I am very grateful for how much PSE has accompanied and helped me along my way [...] I am convinced that many physical ailments can be relieved very well by PSE. It is a marvelous "tool" for bringing people closer to themselves again.

Mail from Ms. N.B. (PSE therapist)

As a support, Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) has opened up a new dimension for me. It works even in the absence of belief in healing, as demonstrated by tests on small children and animals, for example.…

Internet, P.

I am a great PSE fan of this marvelous method …

E-Mail from Ms. D. S.

… learning about psychosomatic energies, arranging, rearranging – all this is not just preventive medical activity, it is actually an introduction to Ultra-Health.…

Esoterica Forum AT, H. E.

I'm interested in learning about further training in your specialty field. I am a female doctor and I have heard good things …

E-Mail from Ms. G. M.