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Here you will find a collection of videos related to alternative medicine and the natural healthcare industry. Videos will continue to be added as stories of interest are discovered. Feel free to contact us to make suggestions for additions.

Biological Medicine Related Videos

Rethinking Medicine

Biological medicine offers a common sense understanding of the principles of health – why we get sick and how we can support our body become well. Founded in 1997, the Biological Medicine Network (BMN) is dedicated to the vision of complete health and wellbeing through the advancement, accessibility and widening availability of biological medicine in North America.

Nathaniel's Story

Since 1992, Dr. Thomas Rau has been medical director of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. A first of its kind, the clinic combines holistic medicine, naturopathic treatments and biological dentistry. Body & Soul senior executive producer Gail Harris spoke with Dr. Rau about his approach to total health and how he helped Nathaniel overcome Leukemia through Biological Medicine.


Biological Cancer Treatments

Dr. Thomas Rau, Chief Medical Director of Paracelsus Clinik in Lustmuhle, Switzerland, gives an introduction to the understanding of cancer and the integration of live-cell therapies and oxygenation therapies. Dr. Rau provides insight into new perspectives on Biological cancer evaluation and treatments.


Lyme Disease Informational Videos

Under Our Skin

In the 1970s, a mysterious and deadly illness began infecting children in a small town in Connecticut. Today it's a global epidemic. A real-life thriller, this Academy Award semifinalist exposes the controversy surrounding the growing and hidden epidemic of Lyme disease.

This touching and revealing award-winning movie exposes the hidden epidemic of Lyme disease and reveals how our health care system is failing to address one of the most serious illnesses of our time.

Under Our Skin 2: Emergence

Since 2008 the CDC has upped its estimate of annual cases of by ten times, making Lyme disease more prevalent than HIV and breast cancer combined. This highly-anticipated sequel, UNDER OUR SKIN 2: EMERGENCE, investigates the deepening Lyme disease crisis and follows its casualties and controversies.

As the Lyme epidemic explodes globally, scandalous medical collusions and conflicts of interest incriminate the very healthcare systems meant to protect us.

After well over 15 years of community pain and debate an Epidemic is still being pushed underground?

Thank you again to Abby Martin and that team in DC. Where else to hear about these issues seen daily in our Integrated/Natural/Holistic Medicine Clinics?

Modern society's toxic environment and lack of nutrition are contributing factors to a weak immune system.

The Marion Institue's presents Dr. Thomas Rau, MD, as he presents a unique perspective on the growing Lyme Disease epidemic in North America.