Industry Event Photos


CHFA West 2020

First photo: The Biomed booth on day 1 with Professional Advisor Jesse Sanga, CNP, Dr. Robin Lewis, ND, and Biomed President Gavin Mah.
Second photo: the booth on day 2 with Dr. Alfred Lam, NMD, Medical Education Ddirector Heather Schofield, DHMHS, HD, Professional Advisor Chanel Huynh, CNP, and President Gavin Mah.
Fourth photo: dinner out with practitioner guests at the Water Street Cafe, in Vancouver's Gastown.


OAND 2019

The Biomed booth at OAND 2019, dinner out and a photo with Dr. Evan Lewis, Heather Schofield, CCNM student rep Jessica Heupel and Gavin Mah.


CHFA East 2019

The Biomed booth at CHFA East 2019 with CCNM student rep Jessica Heupel and Reba testing with Lesia Goloida, Hom. The dinner event was held at the CN tower.


Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference 2019

Biomed joined Finlandia Pharmacy at the ISOM conference


CHNC 2019

Angela Ford-Reimche and Jenelle Martin at the Biomed booth for the 2019 Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference in Vancouver, May 2019.


CHFA West 2019

Biomed had a great time with guests at the 2019 CHFA West. Photos here include featured photos of Gavin Mah with pharmacist Dr Traj Nibler, one with Harlan Lahti and Heather Schofield, the Biomed dinner photo with some honored guests and a group picture with current minister of small business the honourable Mary Ng.




OAND 2018

Biomed student rep from CCNM Jessica Heupel working at our booth with Heather Schofield doing Rubimed testing in the background.


CHFA East 2018


BCNA 2018


CNDA 2018

Biomed's booth with Heather Schofield, Angela Ford-Reimche and Melina Roberts, ND.


CHFA West 2018

Biomed's booth before and during the show, along with Heather Schofield and Jesse Sangha having fun with optical illusions at the Tallgrass dinner event.


Gavin Mah meeting with MLA Terry Beach Jan 2018


OAND 2017

Left: Rianna Alvarez-McFadden, Lesia Goloida & Heather Schofield at the OAND Biomed booth.
Middle: Rianna and Heather Reba testing at the OAND.
Right: Heather, Dr Kurt Stauffert ND, Rianna and Lee Ann Sicard HD having fun at the Gala photo booth.


NHP Awareness Week on Pariament Hill 2017

Top left: L-R: Gavin Mah, MP Gord Johns, Michael Bentley and Helen Long; Helen Long, MP Bryan May and Don Smith; Bottom: Michael Bentley, Adam Martin, CHFA's Dave Clark, and MP Jim Eglinski.

Top middle: Helen Long (President CHFA), David Sweet MP (Flamborough-Glanbrook), Janet Jacks (Goodness Me) and Gavin Mah (President Biomed) on Parliament Hill talking about the future of natural health products.

Bottom left: Product table on Parliament Hill for NHP awareness week.


CHFA East 2017

Biomed showed off our new look at a very busy booth at the CHFA East 2017.


CHFA West 2017


NWNPC 2017


OAND 2016


OAND Convention 2015

Harlan Lahti, Heather Schofield, Kali MacIsaac, ND.

Kali MacIsaac, ND presented on Biomed's behalf during a Breakout Session - Managing the Psychological Impact on the Infertile Couple.


If Symposium Vancouver 2015


Transform! Conference Toronto 2015