Organotherapy for increased metabolism and cellular regeneration therapy.

Chyrosan (Chrysocor) is an organotherapy remedy containing placenta hydrolysate. Placenta extracts contain biogenic stimulators, which can have a positive effect to activate metabolic processes, improve cellular respiration and stimulate cellular regeneration.

Pleo Chyrsosan is used in Germany to address functional disturbances of the male gonads, male menopause (climactericium virile), hypogenitalism, improved libido (sexual asthenia and adynamia), conditions of ‘old age’, and as a adjuvant for cellular regeneration therapy.

Support for:

  • Infertility
  • Male menopause
  • Increased metabolism
  • Low libido
  • Sex hormone balance
  • Cellular regeneration therapy

Pleo-Chrysosan capsules 4X (20)

Pleo-Chrysosan capsules 4X (20)

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