Immune Support Formulas

Broad Spectrum Immune Support

Immunoplex - (Strong Immune System) – fights infections, strengthens immune system, support thymus gland function, decrease frequency and duration of colds & flu.

Lion's Mane - (Strong Immune System) – medicinal mushroom with bioactive compounds that provide strong immunomodulatory properties to support healthy immune function.

Probiotic 7-in-1 - (Enhanced Immune Defense) – 7 unique strains to restore gut flora and mucosal immune defense.

Quercetin Phytolipids - (Strong Immune System) – optimizes immune responses in the body and supports immune function and anti-viral activity.

Infection Relief: Viral, Cold and Influenza

Bio Boost - (Cold and Flu Defense) – boost immune system, upper respiratory viral & bacterial infections, take at onset of symptoms for flu prevention.

Fluen-Z - (Flu Relief) – relief from flu symptoms including fever, chills, body aches, exhaustion, cough.

MycoImmune - (Viral Support) – medicinal mushrooms for immune stimulation, viral infections, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Respiratory Support: Lung, Bronchial, Sinus, and Cough

Broncha - (Lung & Bronchial Rescue) – acute & chronic bronchitis, respiratory inflammation, bronchial dilator, cough (spasm).

Hydrastis Nasal Spray - (Sinusitis) – sinus congestion, runny nose, sinus infections.

Pleo Relivora - (Herbal Cough Relief)) – cough (dry), bronchitis, whooping cough, respiratory inflammation.

Serrapeptase - (Anti-Inflammatory) – inflammation, breaks up mucous in the lungs.

Organotherapy: Thymus, Spleen and Lymph

Lymf-A-Drop - (Lymphatic & Immune) – lymphatic drainage, congestion, edema.

Pleo Pin - (Spleen Botanical Therapy) – strengthens spleen & lymph function, susceptibility to infection.

Pleo Rebasan - (Peyer’s Patch Glandular Therapy) – Peyer’s patch extract for gut immune support (GALT).

Pleo Thym - (Thymus Glandular Therapy) – strengthen immune system, chronic immune conditions.

Vitamin Therapy for Immune Health

Bio-C - (Advanced Cellular Immunity) – enhance absorption with lipid metabolites & bioflavonoids.

C Boost - (Broad Spectrum Immune Support) – boosts and enhances overall immune system defense.

Excell C - (Daily Immune Booster) – enhanced absorption with Ribose for overall immune system defense.

Pleo Zinc - (Immune Cell Function) – innate immunity, slow wound healing, susceptibility to infection.

Pleo Selene - (Enhanced Immunity) – antioxidant protection, enhanced immune response.

Vitamin D3 Drops - (Enhanced Immune Defense) – reduces severity of rhinovirus, susceptibility to infection, autoimmunity, modulate innate and adaptive immune response.

Zinc Picolinate with Copper - (Immune Function) – essential minerals to maintain the body’s defense system while supporting healthy immune function, protein synthesis, and energy metabolism.


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