Bone metabolism is constantly active, with old bone resorbed and new bone formed daily. While it is important to build strong bones during childhood and adolescence, it is even more important to maintain bone health during adulthood and for women during post-menopausal years. After the age of 30, bone remodelling continues at a net loss of overall bone mineral density making bones weaker and more susceptible to fracture.

BoneSure™ is a complete bone health formula, using calcium and magnesium derived from marine-based algae (Aquamin) to maintain bone mineral density (BMD) and healthy bone formation. The effects are enhanced with the combination of other bone supporting nutrients including vitamins K2, D3, C and boron.

Aquamin and K2 Vital for Healthy Bones

Full Spectrum Bone Building Formula

Clinically proven for:

Increased bone mineral density

Reduced risk of developing osteoporosis

Enhanced bone health in peri-menopausal and menopausal women

High absorption from plant-sourced multi-mineral complex

Better bone building

Prevents calcium, magnesium, vit K and vit D deficiency

Increased collagen and tissue formation

Maintain bones, cartilage, teeth and skin

Sustainable marine superfood

Eco-friendly for your patients

GMO free


We like Bonesure because it’s plant-based and not sourced from animals, so it is easily absorbed and digested in the body. Recommended by Naturopaths and customers see results!

~J.K., RHN, Pickering, ON.

BoneSure improves bone density with ALL of my patients taking it!

~A.H., ND – Naturopathic Doctor, Otterville, ON

BoneSure 90 capsules

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Bone Support, Bone Density, Osteoporosis

Bone building formula

    Increase bone mineral density
    Reduce risk of osteoporosis
    Plant-based calcium with 97% absorption

BoneSure is a combination of bone building vitamins and minerals targeted for reversing bone loss, with clinically proven results to increase bone mineral density and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. It increases collagen formation, to help maintain bones, cartilage, teeth and skin.

BoneSure contains organic calcium and magnesium from calcareous marine algae (Lithothamnion sp.). It is a plant-based, nutrient rich complete mineral complex with naturally occurring calcium, magnesium, boron, silica and 70 other trace minerals and phytonutrients. Being plant-based, the minerals are highly soluble with 97% bioavailability, translating to great mineral absorption and better bone building.


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"We like BoneSure because it’s plant-based and not sourced from animals, so it is easily absorbed and digested in the body. Recommended by Naturopaths and customers see results!"
~ J.K., RHN, Pickering, ON

"Improves bone density with ALL of my patients taking it."
~ A.H., ND - Naturopathic Doctor, Otterville, ON

"One of my triathlete clients was having bone loss & hasn't had any since seeing me & being on BoneSure for three years. Her doctor told her to keep doing what she is doing."
~ T.M, NNCP – Nutritionist, Welland, ON
Medicinal Ingredients:
Each vegetarian capsule contains:
• Aquamin® (Lithothamnion spp.)
     • Calcium: 30% (275 mg)
     • Magnesium: 3% (19 mg)
• Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) 62 mg
• Boron (boron citrate) 0.8 mg
• Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7) 25 µg
• Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 6 µg
Suitable for vegetarians.
Recommended Dosage: Take 2 capsules two times a day or as directed by a health care practitioner.
90 capsules
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