Boost metabolism
Manage healthy weight
Increases energy & mood
Improves fatigue due to stress
Supports healthy thyroid function

Restore Healthy Thyroid Function

BioThy is a well-balanced formulation for thyroid support. The combination of an amino acid (L-tyrosine), trace minerals (iodine, selenium and zinc) and protein and glandulars in BioThy are highly suitable for treating conditions related to thyroid dysfunction, including chronic fatigue, depression, menstrual dysfunction, recurrent infections, difficulty losing weight, cold sensitivity, and osteoporosis.

Suspect Subclinical Hypothyroidism?

Borderline hypothyroidism is quite common. The hallmark is an elevated TSH concentration with normal thyroid hormone levels. There may be vague symptoms or common complaints like fatigue and weight gain. Have your patients take their Basal Body Temperature fi rst thing in the morning, an easy at-home test to help identify subclinical hypothyroidism. After taking the BBT for several mornings in a row to establish a baseline, if the patient’s temperature is consistently below 97.6 degrees Fahrenheit (36.5 degrees Celsius), then this may indicate an underactive thyroid.

The thyroid gland plays a critical role in regulating metabolism including temperature,
influencing growth and development and regulating calcium levels.


Normalize TSH production and secretion with selenium and zinc

Support thyroid hormone production with iodine, selenium and zinc

Provide key nutrients for peripheral T4 to T3 conversion with selenium and zinc

Optimize thyroid hormones as a direct precursor to thyroxine (T4) with L-tyrosine

Balance plasma thyroxine concentration and increase metabolism with protein

The Hormone boost

Recommended by New York Times bestselling author Dr. Natasha Turner in her book: "The Hormone Boost"

"BioThy: This mineral, amino acid and protein formula has been clinically identified as effective in cases of thyroid dysfunction (including hypothyroidism). It contains a nice blend of ingredients to boost thyroid hormones, including L-tyrosine (200mg), iodine (kelp) (100mcg), selenium (selenomethionine) (100 mcg), zinc (citrate) (10mg) and animal protein hydrolysate."

~ Dr. Natasha Turner, "The Hormone Boost"


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