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To all our valued customers:

We want to state that we continue to work with SANUM-Kehlbeck to resolve the product licensing questions that have interrupted importation of many of these products. The Milieu Modulators, several Sanukehl Haptens, some microbiologicals, most of the Orthomolecular, Herbal, Mineral and Organic Acid remedies are available. 

We take the interruption of your service very seriously and continue to work co-operatively with the team to achieve an expedited resolution.

Materia Medica

Pleo Sanum Materia Medica

This Isopathic/Homeopathic Materia Medica of Sanum medicinal products has been compiled from research conducted by leading homeopathic practitioners in and outside of Germany.

To see if the products you are looking for are available for purchase, please see the following chart - or download the Pleo Sanum reference guide PDF.

Currently Available Pleo Sanum Products:

Milieu, Isopathic and Immune Therapy

Specific Function for Each Step of Therapy

Pleo Sanum Remedies

Therapy Duration

Milieu therapy

a) Milieu modulation - correct acid-base imbalance, cellular support with alkaline salts and organic acids
b) Neutralize organic acid blockages
c) Diet for restoration of health
d) Resolve focal infections (dental)

Pleo Alkala ‘N’ powder
Pleo Citro
Pleo Sanuvis
Pleo Form

Therapy to be continued until milieu pH levels are balanced (4 weeks to 6 months).
Alkala to be used with warm water on an empty stomach.

Candida Isopathic therapy

Address inflammation associated with fungal and candida infections.
Support with milieu therapy.

Pleo Alb
Pleo Pef

Therapy orally, topically, rectally or vaginally until symptoms resolve (daily to 3x a week for 6-12 weeks).

Basic Isopathic therapy

Restore physiological function and circulation in the eye, decrease congestion (glaucoma), reverse oxidative stress (cataracts).

Pleo Muc Eye Drops

Therapy daily until symptoms resolve. Eye drops – 1-2 drops once to twice daily

Basic Isopathic therapy

Restore physiological function in circulation and tissues of the body.


Pleo Nig
Aspergillus Niger

Therapy orally (5-10 drops orally or rubbed on skin) daily for 1 to 3 months

Non-Isopathic Fungal therapy

Supports regeneration of cells and function in the tissues of the body.

Pleo Lari
Pleo Pin
Pleo Usti

Therapy daily until symptoms resolve

Immunobiological therapy

Stimulate and modulate the immune system.

Pleo Ut ‘S’

Therapy daily (5-10 drops orally or rubbed on skin) for 1 month, break for 1 month, repeat if necessary

Vitamins and Minerals

Address nutritional deficiencies and aid in healing process. Active catalytic form on cellular level.

Pleo Selene
Pleo Zinc

Therapy daily until symptoms resolve

Sanukehl therapy, Hapten therapy

Eliminate bacterial toxins/proteins released from previous infections and CWD (Cell Wall Deficient) organisms.

Pleo San Klebs
Pleo San Prot
Pleo San Staph

Therapy daily (5-10 drops orally or rubbed on skin) for 1 month, then break for 1 month, repeat for 1 month if necessary

Glandular therapy

Stimulate cellular metabolism and function of the glands.

Pleo Chrysosan
Pleo Thym
Pleo Rebasan

Therapy daily until symptoms resolve

Botanical remedies

Support regeneration of the cells and rebuild effective regulatory capacity in the body.

Pleo Cerivi
Pleo Ginkgo
Pleo Oku
Pleo Relivora
Pleo Stroph
Pleo Usnea

Therapy acutely or daily until symptoms resolve