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Book - Biological Medicine: The Future of Natural Healing - Thomas Rau MD

Biological Medicine
The Future of Natural Healing
By Thomas Rau, M.D.

Published for the first time in this form, Biological Medicine is a combination of the latest diagnostic technology and a broad range of traditional, natural healing methods including holistic dentistry and orthomolecular medicine.
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Book - Introduction into Darkfield Diagnostics

Introduction to Darkfield Diagnostics

By Cornelia Schwerdtle and Franz Arnoul

Introductory Darkfield book with many diagrams and illustrations.
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Book - The Swiss Secret - Thomas Rau, MD

The Swiss Secret
To Optimal Health
By Thomas Rau, M.D.
with Susan Wyler

Lauded as "the Mozart of medicine," Dr. Thomas Rau is the world's foremost practitioner of biological medicine. Now, he finally reveals his unique Swiss health plan-a proven program to regulate our bodies, reduce or eliminate toxins, maintain health and well-being, and help lose weight naturally. Combining time-tested remedies with modern diagnostic and therapeutic treatments, this cutting-edge regimen helps cleanse the body and maintain vigorous wellness through diet. At his Paracelsus Clinic in northern Switzerland, Dr. Rau has fine-tuned these practices into a proven Swiss health program that: Purifies your body, Regulates your pH balance, Strengthens your immune system, Encourages healing, Prevents illness, Helps you feel vital and energetic-in body and mind.
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Book - Sanum Therapy in the Practice - Harald Krebs

Sanum Therapy in the Practice

By Harold Krebs

Pleo Sanum acute and chronic condition protocols (including neural therapy).
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Book - Successful Treatments for Allergies - Werthmann

Successful Treatments for Allergies & Chronic Disorders

By Dr. Konrad Wertmann.

Intermediate Pleo Sanum therapy with theory and protocols.
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Book - A Comprehensive Guide to Sanum Therapy - Weigel

A Comprehensive Guide to Sanum Therapy

By Günter Weigel.

Intermediate theory and protocols for Pleo Sanum therapy.
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Book - Unappreciated Friend or Unsuspected Foe - Bleker

Unappreciated Friend or Unsuspected Foe

By Maria Bleker

Darkfield book to support Dr. Enderlein’s research with illustrations.
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Book - The Four Steps of Isopathic Therapy - Dr. Werthmann

The Four Steps of Isopathic Therapy

By Dr. Konrad Wertmann

Introduction and theory of Pleo Sanum therapy.
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Bacteria Cyclogeny - Enderlein

Bacteria Cyclogeny

By Dr. Enderlein.

Dr. Enderlein’s research on Pleomorphism and the basis of the Pleo Sanum remedies.
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Book - Materia Medica

This Isopathic/Homeopathic Materia Medica of Sanum medicinal products has been compiled from research conducted by leading homeopathic practitioners in and outside of Germany. The collected research and uses discussed in the Materia Medica have been reviewed by a distinguished panel. This valuable compilation of known medicinal uses of the Isopathic/Homeopathic remedies is made available to interested practitioners and researches in many countries.

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Book - The Sanum Therapy Prescription Book

Pleo Sanum Therapy Prescription Book

By Dr. Enderlein.

Pleo Sanum acute and chronic condition protocols (including neural therapy protocols).
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Book - The Sanukehl - Preparations Book

The Sanukehls – Preparations Book

A collection of research papers on Haptenic theory and clinical application of the Sanukehls (Pleo San remedies).
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Book - Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry: Articles by Pleo Sanum Practitioners from the Dental and Medical Field

A collection of articles on dental medicine and Pleo Sanum applications.
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Book - New Life Through Energy Healing by Reimar Banis, MD

The Atlas of Psychosomatic Energetics
By Dr. Reimar Banis, MD

Now available in English, for practitioners and patients. Dr. Banis combines the insights of modern energy medicine and ancient spiritual wisdom. Attain greater self-knowledge and learn how to understand others better. Find information about life energy, the aura and chakras with their significance for health and finding the meaning of life.
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Book - PSE: A Manual for Therapist - Reimar Banis

A Manual for Therapists
By Dr. Reimar Banis, MD

Written by Dr. Reimar Banis, the founder of Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) over a decade ago, describes the oldest and most comprehensive healing system known: treating the subtle body. People have always known that disturbances in the subtle body represent the main cause of diseases and emotional problems. People lose their joie de vivre, the ability to communicate and their body harmony when the flow of their life energy is impeded.

Dr. Banis describes how he has, as a physician in general medicine, an obligation to heal not only as quickly and gently as possible, but also causally and lastingly.
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Book - Geopathic Stress - Ulrike Banis

Geopathic Stress and What You Can Do About It
By Dr. Ulrike Banis

The impact of Geopathic stress on our health and how to resolve it.
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Book - Handbook of Psychosomatic Energetics - Ulrike Banis

Handbook of Psychosomatic Energetics
By Dr. Ulrike Banis

Introduction to Rubimed therapy and PSE, with case examples.

This handbook is suitable for medical professionals wanting to know more about PSE. Therapists who already work with this method will find a number of interesting case histories from the author’s practice that help to illustrate this fascinating therapy. The book describes the method’s development, use of the Reba test device and the different means of energetic testing. It enables the reader to better appreciate the logical link between a patient’s symptoms and his/her autonomic imblance(s). The author makes it easy to understand how these emotional remedies can help to solve emotional conflicts.
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