Naturopathic Medicine Associated Links

  • Finlandia Pharmacy
    Founder and owner Harlan Lahti (D.N.M, B.Sc. Pharm. Founder) is widely recognized as the nation’s expert in natural health medicine. He and his highly qualified team have been integrating allopathic and natural medicine for over 30 years and their little pharmacy has grown into one of the most widely respected and trusted pharmacy natural health centres in the country.
  • - contains all the information about tocotrienols. Be informed about latest research, health benefits and the sources of tocotrienols!
  • Healthy Future
    Informational links and information geared towards helping to save Homeopathic natural medicines.
  • Homeopathy under attack
    Media spotlights concerns about homeopathy.
  • New E-Book by Dr. Reimar Banis - available on iTunes!
    New Vitality Through Energy Medicine: Relief from Blockages and Pathogenic Energies by Dr. Reimar Banis - now available in E-Book form on iTunes. Most people would like to be healthier and livelier, happier and more resilient – which is why these days there are so many promised panaceas, from vegan diets to Yoga...
  • Biological Medicine Network A program of the Marion Institute is a non-profit organization that believes deeply in bringing critical awareness and support for this most essential and alternative approach to health and healing. The basic approach to Biological Medicine is expressed by its name: bio-logic—the logic of nature. By working with the innate wisdom of the body and the natural forces around us, Biological Medicine frees our natural healing systems to do what they were intended to do: rejuvenate, replenish and restore.
  • Rethinking Medicine Biological medicine offers a common sense understanding of the principles of health – why we get sick and how we can support our body become well. Founded in 1997, the Biological Medicine Network (BMN) is dedicated to the vision of complete health and wellbeing through the advancement, accessibility and widening availability of biological medicine in North America.
  • BioRegulatory Specialist Training Program
    The program is a specialist Diploma that consists of four modules, of teaching the theory and practice of Bioregulatory Medicine.
    Graduates of the program will receive a Specialist certification as a board registered specialisation in Canada, as a professional membership that entitles specialist status and Membership or Fellowship of the Canadian and International Societies.
  • Marion Institue - Biological Medicine Network
    In 1997, the Biological Medicine Network (BMN) was created as a program of the Marion Institute. BMN is dedicated to the vision of complete health and well being through the advancement, accessibility and widening availability of Biological Medicine.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy, The SheaWay, by Cathy and Michael Shea. The authors describe and discuss the history, current practice and future trends of colon hydrotherapy. The book reviews the basics and the business of this therapy. Nutritional guidelines are also provided. Click this link for purchase information.
  • Food Matters is a new feature film. Please have a good look at this feature film release that emphasizes and highlights the rapid revolution in public understanding about how we got here and what needs to change. See the connection between industrialized food sources, western popular culture, the utter inefficacy of regulatory bodies to shift public and industrial behavior, and the resulting epidemic of excessively profitable chronic illnesses befalling the boomer generation in Europe and North America.
  • Living in Resonance
    A human being is a biological system. A resonance occurs when a person (a biological system) is able to easily receive and transfer energy/information to one or more people with similar vibrations. When two or more individuals with similar or same interests communicate, they enhance each other energetic field and generate a higher vibrational force. This in turn attracts other people or opportunities that are similar in nature or character. This phenomena can grow exponentially within a short time.
  • Prion (Enderlein's Protit): Self Replicating Protein has become a New Definition of Primordial Life
    is this what Enderlein observed when he reported observing up-building protein colloids using Darkfield Illumination in 1926
  • Eveliza - An Effective and Convenient Source of Essential Amino Acids
    Dr Thomas Rau MD recommends Eveliza as an effective and rapid orthomolecular supplement in a Biological Medicine and Naturopathic treatment approach.
  • Occidental Institute Research Foundation Occidental Institute Research Foundation functions as an information and technology bridge linking top German practitioners and suppliers involved in aspects of German Biological Medicine with progressive English-speaking practitioners around the world.
  • SANUM-Kehlbeck Manufacturer
  • Pacific Northwest Foundation - Pleomorphism Library
  • Harvey Bigelson MD - author
  • International Society for Psychosomatic Energetics
  • Eating: Second Edition this film dedicates itself to outlining the seriousness of our community plight. With refernce to a variety of sources whose science is pointing to our disease-causing dining culture; it is very clear: Our Food is Killing Us. Learn how the hard-wired pleasure feedback loop is short-circuited in our modern society, and what we can do to help ourselves survive in this world full of dwinkies and doffnuts Eating: Second Edition