Because it is important to watch the Homeopathy landscape, here are notes of importance in our industry:

Here is a link to a recent broadcast of the ‘CKNW Health Series’, an AM Talk Radio station here in Vancouver. It really is not much of a journalistic effort – a 2:45 sound byte. I only mention it because we need to be knowledgeable when stuff like this gets sprayed into our community:

Most of the 'journalism' on the web page is just provocation and confusion: " So, let the debate begin! Does it work? Is it a hoax? At the end of the day, it's your body, and your choice – but a bit of caution. "Buyer beware: be very careful when you're considering something that says 'homeopathic' on the bottle. I think the biggest thing is to look at the label before you buy, and don't be fooled by something that seems natural and hence, might make you think it's better.""

What are we doing in response? Last week I sent around a link to a project that is a solid step forward for genuine evidence gathering. Case Reports Web Site For two years there has been a corporate campaign afoot in media. I don't think it's good enough to just quietly help patients any more. Let the public know about your successes! Tell your stories on your home pages! Push your associations to act on your behalf and lead a collaborative strategy to spread community information.

I hear so many people saying "Let this stuff blow over! If we stay quiet it will go away. We don't want a public argument, we just want to continue helping patients." Really? Is the current corporate media appetite, driven by paid writers and unprecedented advertising dollars, expected to blow away if we are 'staying under the radar'?

Talk to Dr Kirschner about the history and the current long term impact of weak engagement and voice on these issues. We know media 'stories' like this are intended to exacerbate confusion, public apathy, and ultimately help to unlock the gates for lobby-driven legislative policy. That is always the intent of advocacy. Keep talking and eventually somebody will start listening. Libsyn Radio - listen to 'how we got here' - June, 2015

The misuse of the public safety resources in NY State are a perfect example. Even in the spotlight of hard evidence establishing the falsehood at the heart of the herbal supplement attacks, which should normally have been expected to be an outrageous scandal of its own, the authorities there persist in manufacturing a 'we were wrong but we don't care' justification for marketing new obstructive product access policy. It turns out the original erroneous secret tests designed to spark a headline about an imagined public health crisis were assigned to a Clarkson University biologist whose academic specialty is snake and lizard evolution. Yup, that's how important the issue actually was from a real safety and science perspective. Facts are only a bump in the road for NY State - see article by CRN

CBC in Canada thought it would be amusing to take their turn poking the turtle that seems to always live on its back. Again, the evidence inconveniently embarrassed them as well.
CBC Retraction

Get your success stories out there!

Terry cotter | President of Biomed