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Pain and inflammation are an extensive and important topic, as inflammation is associated with the majority of chronic conditions, often resulting in pain. Solutions need to include symptom relief, techniques to reduce the inflammatory cascade that leads to chronic inflammation, and most importantly resolve triggers to address the root cause.

This workshop is focused on solutions for reducing inflammation and initiating the healing response. Join Angela Ford Reimche and Heather Schofield to learn how to address symptoms and get to the root cause of pain and inflammation with cases, protocols, and patient success stories provided.

This workshop will cover:

  • Root causes you may have never considered
  • A myriad of chronic conditions associated with inflammation
  • Biological Medicine techniques to address the real root cause
  • The best remedies to control inflammation
  • How to support healing in acute injury and inflammation
  • Acute injury medicine chest
  • Anti-inflammatory diet recommendations
  • Protocols for:
    • Cardiovascular support
    • Joint inflammation
      • gout
      • osteoarthritis
      • Skin and nail fungal infection
      • rheumatoid arthritis
    • Acute injuries
    • Postoperative and wound healing