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To fix candida first means to understand candida morphology, adaptive physiology that causes pathogenic overgrowth, and opportunistic behaviour that results when resistance to overgrowth is compromised. Sound complicated? It doesn't have to be. You can set patients up for success using a unique biological approach of naturally addressing candida with lasting results.

Join Heather Schofield, B.Sc., DHMHS as she discusses how to reduce candida overgrowth using European Biological Medicine principles and techniques. Optimizing intestinal conditions and supporting a self-regulating environment within the body is key. Following principles of reduce, replenish and rebalance will naturally support a shift of candida back into physiological form and help resolve associated symptoms.


During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Candida morphology
  • How candida adapts to the body's changing environment
  • What are the situations candida takes advantage of?
  • The mercury-candida connection
  • Will a die-off reaction still occur with this approach?
  • Three major principles for treating candida overgrowth:
    • 1) REDUCE candida and fungus
    • 2) REPLENISH healthy gut bacteria
    • 3) REBALANCE normal acid-base (pH) levels
  • Protocols:
    • Systemic candida/fungal overgrowth
    • Vaginal ‘yeast’ infection
    • Skin and nail fungal infection
    • Thrush and cradle cap
  • Exciting Role Out of the new Candida Program