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Harlan Lahti, BSc Pharm, D.N.M - is the CEO, Owner & Founder of Finlandia Pharmacy & Natural Health Centre and is widely recognized as the nation’s expert in natural health medicine. He has been integrating allopathic and natural medicine for over 40 years and their pharmacy has grown into one of the most widely respected and trusted integrated pharmacy/natural health centres in the country.

Without sleep, we are literally the walking dead, keeping coffee shops in business at the expense of our well-being. From his over 40 years of experience, join visionary pharmacist Harlan Lahti as he discusses all aspects of sleep and shares his successes and out-of-the-box solutions for sleep disorders. Learn how to teach your patients to give sleep the importance it truly deserves.

Practical discussion for:

  1. The pineal and its role in sleep
  2. How does EMFs relate to sleep issues?
  3. Which prescription drugs can worsen sleep issues
  4. How high is high dosing with melatonin?
  5. Strategic melatonin dosing for optimal
  6. Natural sleep aids including sleep hygiene, L-glycine and melatonin