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Hormonal Body Type Questionnaires:
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Lose weight, it is simple right? You are told to just burn more calories than you ingest, but is this really the case? The reality is there are so many different factors in play to successfully lose weight including how active you are, body and constitutional type, hormones, adrenals and the ability to handle stress, detox organ efficiency, toxic load within the fat cells, and very importantly fat metabolism.

When looking at natural approaches, it is not just about weight loss and exercise but rather getting the body back into regulation to liberate, mobilize and metabolize the ‘bad’ fat. Join Angela Ford-Reimche to learn which underlying factors need to be addressed (including hormonal and liver support) to optimize regulation for natural fat loss. She will share how to identify each unique body type and how to match foods, exercises and nutritional and/or organ support for optimal fat metabolism and successful weight loss.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Specific exercises and food choices for optimal 'bad' fat losss
  • The importance of fat loss for weight loss
  • Underlying factors that prevents weight loss
  • Constitutional and body types
  • Organs and mechanisms of fat metabolism
  • Why addressing toxins within the fat cells is important?
  • How to take the burden off the liver so it can focus on fat metabolism


  • Optimized fat metabolism
  • Hormonal and adrenal support
  • Weight loss according to body type