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Looking for a different approach to addressing cancer processes in the body? Look no further than European Biological Medicine! By supporting the dynamic system within the body, regulatory systems are enhanced to restore, regenerate, adapt and promote self-healing. Hormone-based cancers can now be understood as a progression within the body, with malignant tumours resulting in the end-stage of the cancer process.

Join Dr. Melina Roberts to learn about her unique approach to addressing hormonal cancers. She will outline the key components that lead to hormonal and metabolic (cancer cell) dysregulation within the body, that ultimately creates an environment for progression of the cancer process to occur. Drawing from her clinical experience, Dr. Roberts will review effective testing methods and treatment options to improve hormonal balance and healthy cellular metabolism, support organ function and detoxification pathways, balance acid-base and the milieu/terrain, build a strong immune system and ultimately reverse and/or prevent the cancer process within the body.

Practical discussion for:

  • Overview of European Biological Medicine
  • How does progression of the cancer process present?
  • Understanding cancer cell metabolism
  • The dangers of high estrogen and low progesterone
  • Why you need to clean up the terrain?
  • Effective testing techniques
  • Therapeutic keto diet
  • Cancer protocols & prevention