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Do you have clients experiencing numbness or tingling in their hands or feet? How about nerve pain and nerve damage that is difficult to treat? These can be symptoms of neuropathy, caused by diabetes (high sugar levels in the blood), toxins (chemotherapy), and physical injuries. Diabetic neuropathy is very prevalent, with 1 in 4 pre-diabetics and 1 in 2 diabetics experiencing painful symptoms! Addressing the fundamental underlying issue of nerve damage that causes pain and inflammation is key for success with neuropathy.

Join Dr. Evan Lewis, PhD to learn how to successfully address pain and nerve damage associated with diabetic neuropathy. With a clear clinical gap in therapy options for healing nerve damage, he will introduce a class of nervous system nutrients called pro-nerve Omega 3s. These nutrients have been proven through Dr. Evan's clinical trials to support regeneration of damaged peripheral nerves and improve symptoms of neuropathy including: pain, muscle weakness, burning sensations, and tingling and numbness. This webinar will give you nutritional therapy solutions for pain management, nerve regeneration and diabetic neuropathy cases in your practice!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is neuropathy
  • The association between diabetes and nerve damage
  • What are pro-nerve Omega 3s
  • How pro-nerve Omega 3s differ from other Omega 3s
  • Overview of clinical research to support nerve regeneration
  • How to regenerate nerves naturally and before embarking on a drug program
  • Positive 'side-effects' for improvement with arthritis, inflammation, non-fatty liver disease, and cholesterol balance
  • Protocols for nerve regeneration, pain management and neuropathy