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Did you know there are ways to predict how disease will develop in the body?

Everyone is born with a fixed constitution, otherwise known as the sum of our inborn physical characteristics. Understanding constitutions means understanding how disease patterns will be expressed by the body. It can also reveal genetic patterns shown as strengths and weaknesses in the body within the nature vs nurture model.

Join Henrietta De Jong, RN as she introduces the concepts of Constitutional Medicine. She will discuss why this is an essential starting point for all therapies and how it provides the foundation to build protocols. She will introduce the different constitutions, with tools to determine which patient fits which constitution, and review the top 3 constitutional remedies. Essentially, Henrietta will provide invaluable tools to teach you how to interrupt patterns of disease for the long-term health of your patients.

Practical discussion for:

  • What is Constitutional Medicine?
  • What are they and why Constitutions matter!
  • How to figure out the constitution of your patients
  • Review of the top 3 Constitutional Remedies
  • Protocols to get started right away