Download the webinar slides in PDF format here.

Ever wondered how to better leverage your time in practice? Think outside the box and go beyond just trading your time for dollars! Dr. Tonia Winchester, ND will reveal how she created and implemented group therapy for Rubimed. She will teach you how to create a successful model for group programs that will increase your earning potential by seeing many patients at a time vs one-on-one, and creating a supportive structure for patients to thrive on their journey of health evolution.

Dr. Winchester will discuss how to structure and implement a body-mind medicine group program for increased practice success. She will share how to get patients enrolled, frequency of meetings, tips on running a meeting, and what other therapies you can offer patients between group meetings. These will not only keep patients on tract but will also facilitate body-mind healing as smoothly as possible for your patients. You don’t want to miss this webinar!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage your time in practice to be more efficient and see more people
  • Think outside the box on "trading your time for money"
  • How to keep patients engaged in the therapy process
  • How to facilitate healing of old emotional issues as comfortably as possible
  • Tips to structure and format group programs
  • A successful model to create a body-mind program in a group setting