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Discover what North American practitioners have known for decades, the power to restore patient health using drainage therapy. Address the underlying cause of disease, minimize healing reactions, and significantly improve patient results with remedies to support the elimination of toxins and excess fluids. The bonus is they are easy-to-use, gentle, effective and cost efficient for all your patients.

Exposure to toxins and chemicals can create a huge burden on the body. In patient care, it is important to improve cellular metabolism and renew function of the eliminatory organs. This can be accomplished through targeting specific organs to open up excretory pathways and increase circulation to clear out cellular waste. Join Heather Schofield as she shares how to build a more successful practice using Nestmann's six generations of protocols to accelerate restoration of your patient's health.

Focused organ-specific drainage for:

  • Stomach, liver, gallbladder, and intestine
  • Lung, sinus, joints, and skin
  • Kidney, bladder, lymphatic and blood cleansing
  • Glandular drainage for adrenals, pancreas, thyroid, ovaries and prostate
  • Heavy metal detoxification