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Dr. Melina Roberts, ND is an avid lecturer, published author and leading authority in European Biological Medicine. She employs a biological approach to identifying and removing stress from the body while testing and treating organs in a unique and very specific manner, allowing all the systems of the body to functional optimally. Click Here for her full bio. Click Here for her full bio.


Are the right nutrients getting into the thyroid cells? Is thyroid hormone conversion happening? How are the basal body temperature readings? Dr. Roberts will discuss the components and importance of a comprehensive thyroid evaluation, including clinical vs pathological thyroid dysfunction.

The connection and potential underlying causes in thyroid dysfunction will be reviewed, with a focus on the liver, adrenals, endocrine function, heavy metal toxicity and detoxification, infection, microbiome, and nutritional deficiency. Join Dr. Roberts to learn practical solutions and help uncover the underlying cause of thyroid dysfunction in your patients.

Practical discussion for:

  1. Myths about iodine
  2. Ideal temp range for thyroid function
  3. Key symptoms for thyroid dysfunction
  4. Which blood and iodine tests are best
  5. Protocols for heathy thyroid function
  6. How to measure Basal Body Temp (BBT) at home
  7. How to get necessary nutrients in the thyroid cells
  8. The connection between the adrenals and the thyroid