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It is that time of year again with springtime pollen is in the air. Seasonal allergies are coming on strong with scratchy throats, irritated respiration, feelings of being run down, and itchy or water eyes and nasal passages. Overcome allergies and reduce symptoms with both symptomatic relief and techniques used to re-establish regulation within the body.

Join Heather Schofield to discuss seasonal allergy support from a whole-body approach. When addressing the root cause of allergies according to Biological Medicine, it is important to understand the allergens are less the cause of disease but rather a symptom of the overall imbalance in the body. This includes an over-reaction of the immune system as a sign of a severely disturbed internal milieu, compromised intestinal mucous membranes and disrupted regulation in the body. A targeted approach that includes symptomatic relief while addressing the root cause of allergies (seasonal, environmental and food) will be outlined, with protocols for successful patient results.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What does the statement ‘the milieu is everything’ really mean?
  • Connection between allergies, sinuses, and the gut
  • Ways to decrease histamine levels in the cells to be less reactive
  • How to enhance immune function with acid-base balance and mucous membrane restoration
  • Hypoallergenic and restorative diet
  • Relief for acute and chronic allergy symptoms