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Sanum Therapy: Re-Introducing Pleo Nig (Aspergillus niger)

Presented by:
Heather Schofield, BSc., DHMHS

This has been a long time coming... and we are thrilled to announce that Pleo Nig is finally back! The Sanum remedy Pleo Nig (Aspergillus niger) is used as a foundational isopathic remedy for any tissue or system that represent structure in the body.

Join Heather Schofield as she introduces concepts of pleomorphism, terrain medicine, ispopathic therapy, and discusses how to use the remedy Pleo Nig (Aspergillus niger) within the system of Sanum therapy. She will provide details on how to combine Pleo Nig with currently available Pleo Sanum remedies and creative ways to enhance your protocols and expand your clinical toolbox.

This webinar will provide important clinical information, whether you are just beginning with Sanum therapy or have decades of experience. Think differently about health and the body and learn how to use Sanum therapy is your practice!

Practical Discussion:

  • Basic concepts of milieu/terrain therapy
  • What is Pleomorphism and how is it relevant to patient health?
  • What is a 'tuberculinic miasm' and how does it help understanding disease patterns?
  • Understanding Aspergillus niger in isopathic therapy
  • Aspergillus niger's relationship to 'chronicity of a complaint'
  • Pleo Nig clinical applications:
    • Joints and bone (arthritis, inflammation)
    • Lymphatics (vessels and glands, lymphoma, lymphangitis)
    • Uro-genital tract (kidney, bladder, uterus, ovaries, testes, prostate)
    • Lungs and airways (allergies, respiratory conditions)
    • Stones and crystals (kidney, bladder, gout)
    • ATP energy production and cellular respiration