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Curious about Sanum therapy? Providing a different way to think about health and the body, Sanum therapy is still widely practiced across North America.

Join Heather Schofield as she introduces concepts of pleomorphism, isopathic therapy, terrain medicine, and organotherapy. She will provide details on the currently available Pleo Sanum remedies and creative ways to enhance your protocols and expand your clinical toolbox.

This webinar will provide important clinical information, whether you are just beginning or have decades of experience. Maximize patient results by incorporating Sanum therapy into your practice!

Practical discussion for:

  • Basic concepts of milieu/terrain therapy
  • What is Pleomorphism and how is it relevant to patient health
  • Understanding isopathic and organotherapy
  • Pleo Sanum – clinical details for products currently available
  • Clinical applications:
    • Candida and fungal conditions
    • Intestinal repair, leaky gut, heartburn
    • Allergies, immune weakness, Staph infections
    • Inflammatory conditions
    • Lung and respiratory conditions
    • Eye conditions
    • Acid-base imbalance
    • Dysmenorrhea
    • Improved exercise endurance and recovery
    • Mitochondrial respiration and cellular regeneration