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Candida overgrowth is common, especially with today’s lifestyle and dietary habits. Candida can be tough to resolve, with many people experiencing a frustrating rebound of symptoms. Now is the time to rethink how you tackle candida overgrowth!

Biological medicine takes into consideration the circumstances that lead to pathogenic candida overgrowth. This includes an understanding of candida’s opportunistic behaviour, pleomorphic morphology, and adaptive physiology. Join Heather as she discusses a comprehensive approach to candida, according to European Biological Medicine principles. This will help you naturally reduce and resolve candida overgrowth for long-term success.

You will learn:

  • What leads to candida overgrowth occur?
  • Rethinking Candida - why Biological Medicine is so effective and long-lasting
  • Three major pillars for treating candida overgrowth
    • 1) REDUCE candida, mercury, biofilm
    • 2) REPLENISH healthy gut bacteria
    • 3) REBALANCE pH levels and strong immunity
  • Protocols
    • Gas and Bloating
    • Systemic candida/fungal overgrowth
    • Vaginal ‘yeast’ infection
    • Skin and nail fungal infection
    • Thrush and cradle cap
  • Review the comprehensive candida program