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Without fibrin to form blood clots and heal wounds, even minor injuries could prove to be fatal. In normal circumstances, the fibrin and clot dissolve once their job is done. However, in conditions where there is too much fibrin in the blood, undissolved clots can become mobile due to damaged atherosclerotic plaques, poor circulation or vascular disease, leading to life-threatening and even fatal situations. When further considering fibrin associated with fibrosis, fibroids, and biofilm, it becomes clear that fibrinolytic enzymes are highly beneficial in clinical practice.

Join Maureen Fontaine to learn about fibrin, biofilm and the important uses of fibrinolytic enzymes, including Nattokinase. Drawing from her clinical experience and countless hours observing blood under the Darkfield microscope, Maureen will detail the effects of excessive fibrin including associated symptoms and conditions. She will discus the uses of fibrinolytic enzymes to breaks down fibrin and fibrinogen, promoting enhanced blood flow to damaged and congested tissues and organs, ultimately leading to reduced inflammation and improved healing. Maureen will share clinical applications of fibrinolytic enzymes and how to incorporate Nattokinase into your patient care protocols.

This webinar you will learn:

  • What are fibrin, filium and fila threads
  • Implications of fibrin and relationship to inflammation and congestion
  • Understanding the complexities of biofilm
  • Pleomorphic relationship to biofilm/development in disease profile
  • Darkfield live and dry blood photos, including fibrin
  • What are fibrinolytic enzymes and which conditions can benefit
  • What is Nattokinase, the benefits as a natural blood thinner, and safety
  • Clinical Applications for Nattokinase & Fibrinolytic enzymes
    • Biofilm reduction/elimination
    • Cardiovascular health, thrombosis, clot, blood pressure, blood viscosity, circulation
    • Diabetes
    • Fibroids & Cysts
    • Tumours
    • Immunomodulation
    • Sciatic nerve injury
  • Nattokinase vs Serrapeptase

About Maureen Fontaine

I am committed and passionate about the beautiful art form called Live Blood Analysis (LBA). I have a thriving LBA, Ontological Coaching and Spiritual Intuitive practice in Victoria BC. I continue to be in awe of the valuable information that LBA offers and am dedicated to making this available to aspiring microscopists and clients so that all may experience its many insights and benefits.

A major focus in my work with clients is diet, detoxification and lifestyle. Food is medicine and is 80% responsible for our healthy or unhealthy state. Understanding food sourcing and choosing responsibly is paramount for accomplishing health goals. Keeping it simple is both doable and rewarding!