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Have you noticed that patients who have digestive issues often have deeper underlying emotional issues or even a hard time 'digesting' their emotions? Research shows that the emotional state has a direct impact on our physiology and digestive health.

Learn predictable patterns of unexpressed emotional issues and the related physical conditions. Join Heather Schofield, as she reviews the underlying emotional root of heartburn and gastritis, IBS, Type II diabetes, liver and gallbladder issues, burnout/adrenal exhaustion, and depression. Finally, clinical pearls and therapy techniques will be shared on how to improve the capacity to digest our feelings, which in turn supports a healthy digestive system and improves overall digestion of food and our life experiences.

This webinar will cover information including:

  • Digestive disorders as a manifestation of emotional stress
  • Emotional clues to which digestive organs need support (anger, resentment, etc…)
  • The depression cascade: swallowed/unexpressed emotions → burnout → depression
  • The link between 'hunger for good feelings' and addiction
  • The predominate character type that will present emotional digestive issues
  • Research on the brain-belly emotional connection, food and mood, and molecules of emotion
  • Review of emotional processing techniques including organ drainage and Rubimed therapy