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Are you willing to challenge the idea that 'normal' aging conditions may in fact not be a normal part of the natural aging process? Could these conditions of aging be the end process of a malfunctioning detox system? Join Heather Schofield to explore these concepts and discuss specific strategies to eliminate root cause and support optimal health in women.

You will learn how to accelerate restoration of women’s health with targeted detoxification approaches that can be incorporated into every patient treatment plan.

This webinar will cover:

  1. The toxic influences behind inflammation
  2. The relationship between the liver, gallbladder and hormonal imbalance
  3. Limitations on healthy liver function (MTHFR, GSTM 1)
  4. The link between high blood pressure, cholesterol and Type II diabetes
  5. Lifestyle influences that add a toxic load to the body
  6. Detox considerations for pregnancy preparation
  7. Emotional toxicity, including stress and ‘toxic’ relationships
  8. Practical detoxification protocols to support women’s health