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Ever wonder how to restore health by prompting the body’s internal environment to heal itself? You can now learn how with Dr. Melina Roberts, ND, a leading authority in European Biological Medicine!

The human body is a highly evolved dynamic system, continuously breaking down and regenerating new cells and tissues. When this system becomes blocked, symptoms and disease occur. Dr. Roberts will discuss the six fundamental paradigms of Biological Medicine, testing techniques to assess the body’s internal environment (milieu, biological terrain), and scientifically based therapies to restore function and get the body back into regulation itself for optimal health.

"The special point about European Biological Medicine is… the disease of the organ remains in the background in contrast to the re-establishment of the dynamic regulative condition of the whole patient."
~ Dr. Thomas Rau, MD, Paracelsus Klinic

Practical discussion for:

  • Overview of European Biological Medicine
  • How fast can tissues and organs regenerate?
  • What are regulatory and functional blocks?
  • How does blocked regulation present in the body?
  • Why does the inner milieu, matrix, or biological terrain matter?
  • 6 Fundamental Paradigms of Biological Medicine
  • Restoring Self-Regulation:
    • Gut and microbiome
    • Diet and nutrition
    • Homotoxicolgy, drainage, detox
    • Constitution
    • Disruptive foci
    • Acid-base balance