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Your pH status is a fundamental indicator of your overall health. Each system of the body has its own physiological pH value and when outside the ideal pH range, the body becomes susceptible to dysfunction and disease. An acidic terrain (milieu) contributes to inflammation, increased allergies, digestive issues, dysbiosis, toxic build-up, and tendency towards chronic conditions. Balancing acid-base (pH) levels is vital for terrain management within the body.

Join Maureen Fontaine to learn about acid-base (pH) balance. She will discuss why it is important for a healthy microbiome, well-oxygenated red blood cells, and maintaining the mineral buffering system and biochemical balance in the body. Re-establishing proper acid-base (pH) balance in the body will help lead to a healthy terrain and improved overall health.

Practical discussion for:

  • Why acid-base (pH) balance matters
  • Urinary and salivary pH ranges
  • pH testing techniques
  • How to shift the terrain with alkalizers, lactic acid, citric acid, and formic acid
  • Alkaline diet recommendations
  • Protocols for alkalizing & acid-base (pH) balance