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Public Lecture: Intestinal health & chronic disease - 84:04 min

by Biomed & Dr. Thomas Rau, MD | Sep 05, 2014
The complete video of Dr. Thomas Rau's Vancouver public lecture on the benefits of intestinal health and how maintaining healthy intestinal flora can help stave off chronic disease.


Dr. Thomas Rau Lectures to a public audience in Vancouver about the benefits of intestinal health.


This public lecture event - held in June, 2013 - was given by Dr. Thomas Rau MD - head of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland and author of both Biological Medicine: the Future of Natural Healing - and - The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health.

The topic of this informative lecture was about the link between intestinal health & chronic disease and how the root of your health starts in your gut. The unexpected popularity of this event caused hundreds of people to be turned away at the door, after room capacity had been reached.