Dr Reimar Banis MD, ND

Reimar Banis, M.D., N.D., doctor, researcher and author, was born in West Berlin, Germany in 1951 and currently resides in Switzerland. He began his medical career with intensive private studies on W. Reich Buddhism and he attended two years of therapy school in Bochum, Germany.

After becoming a licenced naturopathic doctor in 1976, he then studied medicine in Heidelberg, Germany for two years. In 1984, Dr. Banis obtained his M.D. accreditation through the United States Education Commission for Foreign Graduates (ECFMG). He received his medical title in 1984 after a two year study on thermo regulation at the Department of Social Medicine in Heidelberg, Germany under head professor, Dr. Maria Blohmke.

During his education, Dr. Banis conducted research on electro acupuncture with experts including Professor H. Heim. Dr. Banis also had intensive collaboration with outstanding biological M.D.s including Voll, Schimmel and Schwamm. Dr. Schimmel is the developer of the VEGA testing machine and Dr. Banis codeveloped ‘segment electrography’ and ‘thermoregulation’ with him.
This knowledge, combined with extensive research on energy medicine and energy psychology, lead Dr. Banis to create Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE). He first introduced Psychosomatic Energetics, for peer review, at a presentation in 1997 at the renowned Baden-Baden Medical Week convention, where he is now an annual presenter. In 1998, he developed the REBA test device with biophysicist Dieter Jossner. Dr. Banis has written and lectured extensively on PSE worldwide and has developed a comprehensive PSE seminar series, which leads students to receive a designation as a ‘Certified Energy Tester.’ A two year, 10 clinic study of 1,011 cases in Germany returned an 86 percent success rate for anxiety, stress, depression and trauma.

His first book, Psychosomatic Energetics – A Manual for Therapists, was followed by his second book, New Life through Energy Healing: The Atlas of Psychosomatic Energetics, which has sold more than 10,000 copies in Europe. Today, Dr. Banis is recognized as one of the most advanced and well-known experts in energy medicine in the world.