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Open to North American practitioners

Speakers: Stuart Greene, Ph.D. and Heather Schofield, B.Sc., DHMHS

This seminar introduces practitioners to the concepts and principles of Biological Medicine and Pleo Sanum Isopathic therapy, with a specific focus on the Pleo Sanum Power 10 remedies for effective acute and chronic care. The Power 10 package remedies are foundational alkalizing, isopathic and bacterial remedies used in protocols for the most common to the most complex cases we see in practice. Participants will be given the tools to incorporate these keynote remedies to enhance patient care in their daily clinical practice.

Drawing upon clinical cases, practical protocols will be presented that highlight successful applications of this therapy and the Pleo Sanum Power 10 remedies.

In this one-day seminar, you will learn:

  •   Biological Medicine and the role of Pleo Sanum therapy within this approach.
  •   History and theory of pleomorphism – modern interpretations.
  •   Understanding Isopathic Therapy and Basic concepts of milieu (terrain) therapy.
  •   Hypoallergenic and diet according to Dr. Werthmann restorative.
  •   Review of the 10 categories of Pleo Sanum remedies.
  •   Overview of the Pleo Sanum Power 10 remedies.
  •   The Logic of Biological Therapy – how to put a protocol together.
  •   Regulating the milieu (terrain) and correcting acid/alkaline imbalance.

Detailed discussion of the Power 10 remedies including Pleo Alkala, Pleo Not, Pleo Quent, Pleo Ex, Pleo Muc, Pleo Nig, Pleo Rec, Pleo Ut and Pleo Muc Eye drops. Introduction of Hapten therapy (Sanukehls) for elimination of residual toxins. Introduction of the application of Polysans (for elimination of inherited toxins/miasms). Practical tips and step-by-step protocols for acute, chronic, and degenerative conditions.

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To continue learning about the Pleo Sanum biological medicine modality or become a certified practitioner, we offer the Paracelsus Biological Medicine Certificate program.

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