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Lump in Breast

by Keith Stanfield | Oct 03, 2016
Carol, 38 discovered a lump in her breast, when she had it checked she was told it was a stage 3/4 tumor invading the area around her breast...

by Terry C.

In 2010 I met Carol, 38 years of age. She was a beautiful married mother of 2 living in Massachusetts attending a Dr Rau Biological Medicine seminar at New Bedford. I asked Carol why she was attending these medical training lectures.

She told me that 9 years earlier she had found a large lump in her breast. This was the type of thing she hadn’t normally paid attention to. When she had it checked she was told it was a stage 3/4 tumor invading the area around her breast. Immediate surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were recommended, but the prognosis was not good for a long term recovery.

Obviously she was very frightened. She and her husband were financially very comfortable so they decided to take a tour of the country to visit ‘medical experts’ for other opinions. Those recommendations came back with similar results about both treatment and life expectancy. Carol was determined she would not live her last days in a debilitated and emaciated state, as she had witnessed with other family and friends who followed this course of treatment.

At that time someone asked her if she had heard of the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle, a natural medicine clinic in Switzerland. She decided to send her files to Paracelsus Clinic. She received an invitation to attend at the clinic for further evaluation. She did so and stayed in treatment there for 3 weeks. She was pleased with the different approach and she followed up with the recommended periodic visits. Over the course of the next year the local doctors noted the tumor progression had been stabilized and she says within 18 months the cancer was entirely transformed into a fibroid scar that remains inside her breast.

Carol’s told me her most significant frustration during her Paracelsus therapy was that she could not find continuing support for these therapies in her residential area. As a consequence she became dedicated to learning and taking notes about the modalities so she could show her doctor how she wanted to continue her treatment locally. When I spoke to Carol in 2010 she had now dedicated her life to acting as a patient guide to help them find Paracelsus Clinic and local doctors knowledgeable in Biological Medicine methods.

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