This two-day advanced seminar enables practitioners to take Rubimed therapy to the next level and demonstrate how to broaden their practice using this therapy. A critical component of this seminar is an open dialogue among practitioners to share their experiences, exchange views and evaluate current testing methods and procedures.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The four main character types (schizoid, depressive, rigid and hysteric) and how they relate and can expand your patient care.
  • How to identify the Central Conflict.
  • Use of the Zoological (Organ) test kit for testing organ functionality, milieu stresses and focal infections.
  • Complete use of the other test vials in the Reba test kit (lactic acid, sulfur vials).
  • Live case demonstration showing the full range of advanced testing techniques.
  • Additional patient testing applications including:
    • Intracellular acidity
    • Allergy and food sensitivity testing
    • Supplement compatibility
    • Focal infections
    • ANS dysfunction
Rubimed Level 1 When & Where

Registration Fee:

  Practitioner: $325
  Student: $225
  Refresher: $100

Reba Pad

See the new Reba Pad!

For the first time, psychoenergetic testing with the RebaPad provides the opportunity to objectively and comparatively [test] a client's entire energetic conditions at the most important levels - particularly the vitality and emotional levels.

Here's what some past attendees of Rubimed Level 2 are saying:


"Great course! Answered a lot of questions that arose in practice since Level 1. Can’t wait until Rubimed Level 3! " ~ D.G., ND

"Excellent information delivered in useable format. Excellent presenters. Really appreciated the time to practice." ~ S.S., RHN, CHCP

"Amazing class, great information. So much to learn & explore. Thank You. – Great theory & practice time. " ~ T.M., DNM

Attendees Will Receive:

Seminar Specials
  • Special offers at the seminar
  • Comprehensive Practitioner and Patient Guides
  • Add your name to the Rubimed therapist referral list on Biomed (Canada)

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