Rubimed Therapist Training

"Absolutely Amazing. Well designed and executed training in this modality."
~ T.M.

"Very straightforward, yet comprehensive technique. Instructors are very generous with their knowledge and energy."
~ Dr. J.B, DC

"Amazing class, great information. So much to learn & explore. Thank You. Great theory & practice time. "
~ T.M., DNM

Address emotional conflicts for successful treatment of chronic conditions!

Have you ever considered that unresolved emotions could be a root cause of disease? Through a combination of theoretical and hands-on participation, you will learn all the basics required to incorporate Psychosomatic Energetics and Rubimed therapy into your daily practice. Help patients begin their healing journey by addressing past emotional trauma for optimal physical, mental and emotional health.


Upcoming Rubimed Therapist Training Schedule:

Due to Covid-19 there are no Rubimed courses scheduled at this time.