Rubimed™ is a revolutionary natural healing modality from Europe that combines ancient healing knowledge with modern complementary medicine and psychology. Introduced into North America over a decade ago, the Rubimed™ remedies have been clinically proven to resolve negative health effects of psychological trauma, anxiety and stress.

Join more than 2,750 practitioners worldwide experiencing an 87% success rate for:

  • anxiety
  • adrenal burnout
  • sleep disorders
  • hormonal disorders
  • depression
  • behavioural disorders
  • stress
  • pain
  • allergies
  • respiratory conditions
  • autonomic dysfunction
  • skin conditions
Rubimed Level 1 When & Where

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This one-day intensive seminar is a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on participation, where seminar participants will learn all the basics required to incorporate Rubimed therapy into their daily practice and enhance patient care. In this seminar you will learn:

  • The connection between subconscious emotional conflicts and successful treatment of recurring chronic conditions (including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, addiction, pain, OCD and ADD spectrums, and functional biology).
  • Hands-on operation of both applied kinesiology using the Basic Test Kit and the REBA Test Device to identify energy blocks, emotional conflicts, geopathic stress, and sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system dysfunctions.
  • How to successfully use the Rubimed combination homeopathic remedies
    to resolve emotional issues and the related physical symptoms.
  • Understanding, identifying and overcoming geopathic
  • Acute conditions (anxiety, stress and nervous tension)
    and their resolution.

Registration Fee:

  Practitioner: $225
  Student: $125
  Refresher: $50

Here's what some past attendees of Rubimed Level 1 are saying:

"Absolutely Amazing. Well designed and executed training in this modality." ~ T.M.

"Very straightforward, yet comprehensive technique. Instructors are very generous with their knowledge and energy." ~ Dr. J.B, DC

"Great to learn a very practical tool that can be used immediately with clients." ~ Dr. K.F, ND


Attendees Will Receive:

Seminar Specials
  • Special offers at the seminar
  • Comprehensive Practitioner and Patient Guides
  • Exclusive participation in the new Rubimed online forum + private Facebook page
  • Add your name to the Rubimed therapist referral list on Biomed (Canada)

Heather Schofiled

Rubimed Therapist Training Instructor: Heather Schofield, B.Sc., DHMHS

Heather is a Homeopathic Doctor and Education Director with Biomed. She has dedicated over 16 years studying, practicing and teaching mind-body, homeopathic, botanical, nutritional, detoxification, Rubimed Psychosomatic Energetics, and Biological Medicine approaches across North America. Heather enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge of effective healing techniques.

Heather Schofiled

Rubimed Therapist Training Instructor: Jessica Liu, ND

Jessica is a Naturopathic Doctor and Clinic Director for Lakeside Natural Health Centre, with a clinical focus in mental-emotional wellness, women’s health, children’s health, pregnancy, and fertility. Click here for full Bio

"Rubimed helps me practice in a way that follows the intention of Naturopathic medicine, which is to treat the root." ~ Dr. Jessica Liu, ND - Mississauga, ON


This seminar is now over - please check the Rubimed training schedule for information about upcoming seminars.