Healing the Mind Heals the Body

by Heather Schofield, BSc, DHMHS, HD | Dec 08, 2010
What is true health in the broadest sense? It is not only a healthy body and mind, but above all, a free flowing life energy...

What is true health in the broadest sense? It is not only a healthy body and mind, but above all, a free flowing life energy. Rubimed Therapy (Psychosomatic Energetics) arose from the idea that the basis of genuine health is the harmonious interaction of the three most important components of our organism, namely the body (soma), the mind (psyche) and our life energy (energetics).

With 20 years of research and study of modern German biophysics, Dr. Reimar Banis is considered to be one of the world’s leading figures in energy medicine. It is of firm conviction from his experience in daily practise that energy blocks, due to emotional conflicts, are the primary cause of interpersonal problems and the majority of diseases. His revolutionary natural healing method combines ancient knowledge with modern medicine and psychology. This method is backed by body-mind science that has been extensively researched and documented through the discipline of psychoneuroimmunology.

Psychoneuroimmunology has established that emotional health and the immune system are deeply interdependent. This makes sense. We know the immune and hormonal systems are influenced by the brain and nervous system. This clearly links the effects of stress and emotional trauma to a weakened immune system leading to slow healing, allergies, chronic infections and autoimmune conditions.

How is Rubimed Therapy beneficial? It identifies and addresses unresolved emotional issues, which in turn resolve the physical, emotional and mental symptoms related to the issue. In addition, stress and anxiety are reduced, increased energy on the physical, mental and emotional levels is experienced, the body is better able to detoxify and homeostasis is brought back into balance. In a greater sense, PSE provides an avenue to attain greater self-knowledge and to learn how to understand others better, becoming healthier and happier in the process.

Rubimed Therapy is backed by clinical research with well documented patient benefits. A recent clinical study published by the Swiss Journal for Complimentary Medicine reports an 86% success rate in 936 cases treating physical and mental/emotional complaints. Heal the mind and you can heal the body.