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New Study Shows Tocotrienol Demonstrates Better Gastroprotective Effects

by | Jan 08, 2016

A new study conducted at the National University of Malaysia shows gastroprotective benefits of EVNol™ palm tocotrienol complex

Compared to Omeprazole (a medication for peptic ulcer disorders), EVNol™ was more potent in ameliorating oxidative stress and inflammation-associated gastric damage.

The study:

28 rats randomly assigned to 4 groups of 7 rats:

Evnol Study

After 3.5 hours of WIRS, EVNol™ palm tocotrienol complex demonstrates similar efficacies to omeprazole in mitigating gastric injuries via

  • Reducing iNOS gene expression
  • Regulating pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-17 and TNF-9)
  • Increasing SOD activity
  • Decreasing lipid peroxidation

Interestingly, EVNol™ demonstrates additional protective mechanisms which are not exhibited by omeprazole. When comparing to stressed control (control group that underwent WIRS), the EVNol™ supplemented group shows:

  • Significantly increased SOD activity
  • Significantly decreased iNOS expression and TNF-α

Based on these findings, the researchers suggested that EVNol™ palm tocotrienol complex exhibits significantly higher anti-oxidative potency and able to manage inflammatory processes more effectively to improve gastric health.

Chee Yen Lau, Nutritionist at ExcelVite

"We are really excited that both EVNol™ Palm Tocotrienol Complex and omeprazole exhibit similar antioxidative ability in attenuating oxidative stress and inflammation-related gastric injuries. However, EVNol™ has shown to be more potent compared to omeprazole in terms of increasing SOD activity and reduction of iNOS and TNF-9. This study basically opens the path for tocotrienol as the next primary natural alternative for people suffering from peptic ulcers as there is a growing interest in alternative therapies and the use of natural products for gastro health," says Chee Yen Lau, Nutritionist of ExcelVite.

Bryan See Regional Product Manager at ExcelVite

"EVNol™ is a true full spectrum tocotrienol complex (9-, 7-, A- and B-tocotrienol), extracted via a mild molecular distillation process, from red palm fruit oil. This patented molecular distillation process 3 minimizes losses while preserving the naturalness and maximum levels of tocotrienols. In addition, EVNol™ contains low levels of other phytonutrients such as squalene, phytosterols, mixed carotene and CoQ10, which are extracted naturally together with tocotrienols, making it a natural and wholesome full spectrum tocotrienol complex. With these encouraging results along with other published clinical data and on-going studies, EVNol™ is the trusted tocotrienol of choice for a new vitamin E formula or a reformulation of your existing products (for its synergistic effects)," added Bryan See, Regional Product Manager of ExcelVite.

MF Nur Azlina (2015). Preventive Effects of Tocotrienol on Stress-Induced Gastric Mucosal Lesions and Its Relation to Oxidative and Inflammatory Biomarkers. PLos One 10(10):e0139348 doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0139348.


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