Biomed Supplements

Biomed Supplements are unique formulations that contain clinically proven ingredients and are targeted to achieve therapeutic compliance and efficacy. They have been developed to meet specifications requested by professionals. Biomed presents a comprehensive line that is continuously being expanded as technology and science bring forward new thinking and nutritional evidence. The products within the Biomed Supplement line complement the other product lines we distribute.

Biomed is committed to providing products that meet or exceed applicable quality control standards. Raw materials and final formulation are sourced from suppliers located around the world. All products are manufactured under stringent good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines and are rigorously and regularly tested for product efficacy and quality. We utilize independent third party testing and quality control laboratory practices for both raw materials and finished products.

Biomed Supplements have been the strength of the company’s success for over two decades. Our health care practitioners and their patients can be assured of product consistency, potency, reliability and suitability for vegetarians.

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