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Biomed's mission is to provide health care professionals with the highest quality of therapeutic products and educational opportunities focusing on the regulation of biological systems and the restoration of positive homeostasis. If you are a licensed medical practitioner and would like to find out more about what Biomed can do for you, please contact a member of our team listed below.

Unit 102-3738 North Fraser Way, Burnaby, BC, V5J 5G7

Toll free switchboard:1-800-665-8308
Toll free fax: 1-866-881-2888

Heather Schofield, B.Sc, DHMHS, HD

Medical Education Director

Heather Schofield, B.Sc, DHMHS, HD
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 177
Mobile: 778-321-0979

  Jesse Sangha CNP, Professional Advisor

Professional Advisor

Jesse Sangha, CNP
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 109

Erin Chambers, Boucher Student Rep

Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
Student Representative

Erin Chambers

  Heather Goldring, Professional Advisor

Professional Advisor

Heather Goldring CNP, C.Ir
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 106

Betty Norton

Professional Advisor

Betty Norton, NC. Cl.H
Phone: 250-891-4674

  Cortnie Neumeyer, CNP, Professional Advisor

Professional Advisor

Cortnie Neumeyer, CNP
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 118

Raymond Lin, Controller


Raymond Lin, CPA CGA
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 174

  Deborah Pachkowski

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Deborah Pachkowski
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 117

Keith Stanfield, Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager / IT Coordinator

Keith Stanfield
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 176

  Dhivya Kumari

Quality Control Associate

Dhivya Kumari
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 107

Edwin de la Rama

Graphic Designer

Edwin de la Rama
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 105

  Jenn Laitinen, Sales Supervisor

Customer Service Coordinator

Jenn Laitinen
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 116

Felix Jiang, Warehouse Packer/Shipper/Receiver

Warehouse Packer/Shipper/Receiver

Felix Jiang
Phone: 604-415-0535 x 180

  Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky
            B.SC., M.A., N.D. B.SC

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky
M.A., N.D., B.SC

Harlan Lahti, Chairman


Harlan Lahti

  Gavin Mah, President


Gavin Mah
Direct: 604-456-6371
Toll Free: 1-800-665-8308 x 171