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Lymf-A-Drop 50ml

Lymf-A-Drop 50ml

Lymphatic Drainage, Immune Support
 Lymphatic drainage
 Eliminate metabolic waste
 Decrease inflammation, swelling and edema
Lymf-A-Drop works on the body’s elimination organs and pathways including the lymphatic drainage, liver, biliary tract, skin, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract. Lymf-A-Drop is a classic formula to detoxify the lymph, the blood, the extracellular matrix and connective tissues.

Specific conditions in which Lymf-A-Drop is recommended includes: lymphatic congestion (including lymphadenitis, lymphangitis and lymphadenopathy), edema (postoperative, acute or secondary), sports injuries (strains, sprains, contusions, swelling and hematomas), systems diseases (eczema, urticaria, allergies and postsurgical scaring), pediatrics (lymphatic diathesis, recurrent/chronic infections including otitis media), and detoxification programs for general health maintenance and disease prevention.
Each 100 g contains:
• Taraxacum officinale D1 8.4 ml
• Calendula officinalis D1 4.7 ml
• Arsenicum album D8 1.04 ml
• Chelidonium majus D2 0.5 ml
• Leptandra viriginica D1 0.3 ml
• Echinacea angustofolia D1 0.3 ml
• Phytolacca decandra D2 0.2 ml
• Carduus marianus D2 0.2 ml
• Condurango D2 0.1 ml
• Hydrastis canadensis D1 0.1 ml
• Lycopodium clavatum D2 0.1 ml
• Sanguinara canadensis D1 0.1 ml
• Mercurius solubilis D8 0.2 ml
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
• Water, alcohol
Suitable for vegetarians.
Adult and children (over 10 years) – take 10 drops three times daily; Children age 4-10: take 4-6 drops three times daily; Children age 1-3 : take 4-5 drops three times daily; Or to be used on the advice of a health care practitioner.
50 ml drops
DIN-HM 80005156

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