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Pleo Sanum products by SANUM-Kehlbeck GmbH are the original isopathic and homeopathic remedies from Germany. Pleo Sanum is a product system first developed in 1944 and is manufactured and distributed worldwide by SANUM-Kehlbeck in Germany... continue reading

Athletic Performance & Recovery Bundle

Athletic Performance & Recovery Bundle

This bundle offers a 10% savings over purchasing these products separately.

The Athletic Performance and Recovery bundle helps with energy production, significant improvement in maximum oxygen intake, more oxygen for better and longer training and performance, greater exercise intensity, energy and endurance, faster recovery from workouts, reduces lactic acid and decreases muscle soreness.

This bundle is ideal for athletic patients - from Elite athletes (runners, marathon & distance, cyclist, swimmers, soccer players. Hockey players, football players, fitness and body builders, tennis players etc) to everyday athletes (weekend warriors, runners, hikers, fitness enthusiasts, gym goers etc).

SalvTonic helps to improve circulation and increase oxygen transport into the blood stream. This allows for greater oxygen into the cells and helps to increase the VO2 Max capability. With higher oxygen capacity, the body and sustain longer durations of exercise bouts both in training and performance. Aids in post exercise recovery.

Pleo Citro (Citrokehl) tablets increase cellular respiration and ATP- link with the Kreb Cycle, thus increases energy in the cells, which allows for great energy out-put in the body. It helps to increase ones energy. So it helps the body use less and create more energy. Slows down fermentation of lactic acid, so that the body can eliminate it faster, thus helping with recovery. Pairs well with Pleo Sanuvis. During aerobic or endurance events/activities, such as distance running, cycling etc, when oxygen is being utilized, your body will use the Krebs cycle for energy production, so Pleo Citro helps the body by producing more energy.

Pleo Sanuvis tablets reduce lactic acid production in the body, thus aids in recovery and reduces muscle soreness. Helps in reducing muscle fatigue and muscle cramps. Can raise cellular respiration of mitochondria by up to 350%, thus helping with increasing energy output in the body. Pleo Sanuvis helps to flush out lactic acid from the body for faster recovery and increases the body’s ability to sustain longer training sessions, thus increased performance. Pairs well with Pleo Citro

Medicinal Ingredients:
See individual product details for medicinal ingredients, contraindications and cautions/warnings.
Recommended Dosage:

Everyday Athletes

Pre-workout/training: Pleo Citro: 1-2 tabs, Pleo Sanuvis: 1-2 tabs, Salvtonic: 1 cap
Post-workout recover: Pleo Sanuvis: 2 tabs

Elite Athletes
Pre-workout/training: Pleo Citro: 1-2 tabs, Pleo Sanuvis: 1-2 tabs, SalvTonic: 1 cap
During workout/training/performance: Pleo Citro: 1 tabs, Pleo Sanuvis: 1 tabs, SalvTonic: 1 cap (if needed- poured under the tongue)
Post-workout/recover: Pleo Sanuvis: 2 tabs, SalvTonic: 1 cap (if needed)

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