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Pleo Sanum products by SANUM-Kehlbeck GmbH are the original isopathic and homeopathic remedies from Germany. Pleo Sanum is a product system first developed in 1944 and is manufactured and distributed worldwide by SANUM-Kehlbeck in Germany... continue reading

Pleo-GINKGO (Ginkgobakehl) drops 1X 30ml

Pleo-GINKGO (Ginkgobakehl) drops 1X 30ml

   Improves blood flow
   Cold hands and feet
   Enhanced memory & concentration
   Eye health

Pleo Ginkgo (Ginkgobakehl) is used for circulatory disturbances (arterial and peripheral), arteriosclerosis, and weakness in concentration and tiredness.
Medicinal ingredients (per ½ teaspoon):
  • Gingko biloba e foliis sicc
For complete product information: See Pleo Sanum Materia Medica.

DIN-HM 80002537
Suitable for vegetarians.
30ml drops

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