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Vision & Eye Health Protocol Bundle

Vision & Eye Health Protocol Bundle

This bundle has been put together to help start your patient on a vision and eye health protocol. It includes 1 Pleo Muc Eye drops (10 vials), 1 Astaxanthin 60 softgels and a protocol sheet handout.

Improve vision and eye health and support healthy aging of eyes with isopathics, antioxidants, and sodium chloride 0.9% solution. This combination works to increase circulation and nutrition to the eye tissue, protect lens clarity, increase eye lubrication, improve vision, and provide relief for dry irritated and tired strained eyes.

This bundle offers an approximate 10% savings over purchasing these products separately.

Take both products to synergistically work together:

Pleo Muc Eye Drops - enhanced eye health, reduce irritation from contact lenses, dry irritated and/or tired strained eyes, dry eye syndrome, improved visual acuity and peripheral vision, eye allergy symptoms, conjunctivitis, cataracts. Preservative-free ophthalmic lubricant.
  • Isotonic cleansing for dry and irritated eyes
  • Reduces allergies, burning, itching
  • Preservative free
1 drop twice daily in the affected eye(s). Safe to use long term.

Astaxanthin - helps relieve Digital Eye Strain & Computer Vision Syndrome. It promotes healthy eye aging with increased nourishing blood flow to the retina and antioxidant protection to protect lens clarity.
  •  Sharpen vision and refocus tired eyes
  •  Reduce and prevent eye strain and eye fatigue
  •  Increase ocular blood flow to the retina and eye
1 capsules once a daily. Consult a healthcare professional for use beyond one month.
Medicinal Ingredients:
See individual product details for medicinal ingredients, contraindications and cautions/warnings.

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