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Reflux Fix Bundle

Reflux Fix Bundle

Acid Reflux, Digestive Aid & Acid-Base Balance
This bundle offers a 15% savings over purchasing these products separately.

Reflux Fix product combo includes:

Absinthium - The herbs found in Absinthium are used for acute and chronic gastrointestinal symptoms: heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, lack of appetite, flatulence, inflammation, meteorism and dyspepsia.
This herbal combination normalizes the digestive gastric juices (namely hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes) and motility conditions by influencing the autonomic tonicity. It has a direct and indirect influence on the mucous membranes with an anti-inflammatory effect and mobilization of the protective mucosa. With use, a general tonification with improvement of circulation in the GI tract can be expected.

Basictab - For acid-base (pH) balance in the body. It is used for inflammation, heartburn and indigestion, allergies and allergic reactions, detoxification and as prevention and supportive therapy in many chronic degenerative conditions. Acid-base balance is important to promote a favourable intestinal environment, improve digestive processes and support beneficial intestinal flora.
Medical Ingredients:
See individual product details for medicinal ingredients, contraindications and cautions/warnings.

Absinthium 50ml – Acid Reflux, Digestive Aid
Basictab 180 tablets – acid-base (pH) balance
Suitable for vegetarians.
Recommended dose see the heartburn and acid reflux protocol guide.

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