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Pleo Sanum products by SANUM-Kehlbeck GmbH are the original isopathic and homeopathic remedies from Germany. Pleo Sanum is a product system first developed in 1944 and is manufactured and distributed worldwide by SANUM-Kehlbeck in Germany... continue reading

Pleo ALB (Albicansan)

Pleo Alb (Albicansan) is for chronic and systemic mycosis (fungus) of the mucous membranes.


Pleo Alkala ‘N’powder is a base mixture, excellently suited for correction of the acid-base balance in the organism by decreasing tissue acidosis and increasing mitochondrial respiration.

Pleo CERIVI (Cerivikehl)

Pleo Cerivi (Cerivikehl) promotes circulation of the mucous membranes and is used for conditions of the respiratory tract including: sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, dry cough and for lack of appetite.

Pleo CITRO (Citrokehl)

Pleo Citro (Citrokehl) is homeopathic citric acid used to support the Kreb's citric acid cycle. It increases cellular metabolism and blood viscosity and decreases lactic acid production and fluid retention. Also supports the use of Pleo Nig (Nigersan) by increasing Aspergillus niger activity.

Pleo FORM (Formasan)

Pleo Form (Formasan) is homeopathic formic acid and is used for complaints of allergies, rheumatism and inflammation.

Pleo GINKGO (Ginkgobakehl)

Pleo Ginkgo (Ginkgobakehl) is used for circulatory disturbances (arterial and peripheral), arteriosclerosis, and weakness in concentration and tiredness.

Intestinal Kit

The Intestinal Kit provides the components for achieving optimal intestinal health ~ the foundation for proper digestion, a strong immune system & recovery from chronic disease and illness.

9696-9 Intestinal Kit

Pleo LARI (Larifikehl)

Pleo Lari (Larifikehl) is for lung conditions as well as inflammation of the digestive organs and fever.

Pleo MUC (Mucokehl) eye drops

Pleo Muc (Mucokehl) Eye Drops are used for relief of dry and irritated eyes, including burning, stinging and itching due to air pollutants (smog or pollen), chlorinated water or foreign materials. In Germany, these eye drops are used to address circulatory and congestive conditions of the eye, with clinical studies showing successful results in cases of conjunctivitis, cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye syndrome. They are preservative free and safe to use with contact lenses.

Pleo MUCEDO (Mucedokehl)

Pleo Mucedo (Mucedokehl) is used for regulatory dysfunction of the lymphatic system, to increase microcirculation to the endocrine glands and brain, for thyroid function disturbances, upper respiratory tract conditions and neuro-vegetative syndrome (anxiety).

Pleo MUSCAR (Muscarsan)

Pleo Muscar (Muscarsan) is for detoxification (from drugs and medication), muscle spasms, organs and blood vessels, migraines and nervous disorders (intestinal).

Pleo OKU (Okoubasan)

Pleo Oku (Okoubasan) is derived from Okoubaka aubrevillei and is used in cases of food poisoning, healing of infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, food intolerances and during elimination of metabolic waste products.

Pleo PEF (Pefrakehl)

Pleo Pef (Pefrakehl) is used for enteral mycosis when fungus first enters orifices and for dental conditions.

Pleo PIN (Pinikehl)

Pleo Pin (Pinikehl) is used for conditions of the liver and spleen and for intermittent fever.

Pleo REBASAN (Reb)

Pleo Rebasan (Rebas) is an organotherapy remedy containing Peyer’s patches. Peyer’s patches are found in the small intestine and are classified as ‘gut associated lymphoid tissue’, playing a significant role within the immune system. Pleo Rebasan is used in Germany for chronic and recurrent inflammations, including disorders of the humoral body defense, gastrointestinal conditions, chronic hepatitis, and tonsillitis. Traditionally in European Biological Medicine, it is used as a key remedy in all intestinal rebuilding protocols.

Pleo REC (Recarcin)

Pleo Rec (Recarcin) is used for sub-acute and chronic inflammations, especially inflammation of the mucous membranes and caused by fever. It is also an immune modulator.

Pleo RELIVORA (Relivora)

Pleo Relivora is used for stimulation of endogenic defensive capacities in feverish processes, stimultate the immune system, conditions of the upper respiratory tract and inflammatory processes of the pulmonary tract (including hard dry cough, bronchitis and whooping cough).

Pleo SAN BRUCEL (Sanukehl Brucel)

Pleo San Brucel (Sanukehl Brucel) is for dysmenorrhea, influenza, intermittent fever and subacute rheumatoid arthritis.

Pleo SAN CAND (Sanukehl Cand)

Pleo San Cand (Sanukehl Cand) is used for candida mycosis, and conditions associated with the upper and lower digestive tract (stoatitis, aphthous ulcers, pain in small intestine, colitis, constipation after treatment with antibiotics), gingivitis, eczema and dermatosis (especially following antibiotic treatment).

Pleo SAN KLEBS (Sanukehl Klebs)

Pleo San Klebs (Sanukehl Klebs) is a supportive therapy for influenza, pneumonia, bronchial asthma and other respiratory conditions and after antibiotic therapy.

Pleo SAN PROT (Sanukehl Prot)

Pleo San Prot (Sanukehl Prot) is used for Helicobacter pylori infection, gastritis, dysbiosis, upper digestive conditions, bladder (including bed wetting), genitals and herpes.

Pleo SAN STAPH (Sanukehl Staph)

Pleo San Staph (Sanukehl Staph) is used for staphlococcus infections, sinusitis, angina, meningitis, pleuropneumonia and anthrax.

Pleo SAN STREP (Sanukehl Strep)

Pleo San Strep (Sanukehl Strep) is used for strep throat, skin infections, carditis, chronic rheumatoid arthritis and migraine.

Pleo SANUVIS (Sanuvis)

Pleo Sanuvis is L (+) lactic acid that is used to increase mitochondrial respiration, decrease lactic acid (-) build-up in the muscles and lower blood pH. It also supports treatment while using Pleo Muc (Mucokehl), by increasing Mucor racemosus activity.

Pleo SELENE (Selenokehl)

Pleo Selene (Selenokehl) is used for amalgam detoxification and in case of selenium deficiency due to malnutrition and malabsorption.

Pleo STROPH (Strophanthus)

Pleo Stroph (Strophanthus) supports cardiac function by increasing the systolic phase and lowering the heart rate. For edema, weak heart, brittle blood vessels, pneumonia, exhaustion from post-operative bleeding, uterine bleeding and pain associated with menopause.

Pleo THYM (Thymokehl)

Pleo Thym (Thymokehl) contains thymus gland extract to strengthen the immune system in chronic conditions, increase cellular metabolism and is used for all degenerative processes in the lumbar vertebral column area.

Pleo USNEA (Usneabasan)

Pleo Usnea (Usneabasan) is used for conditions of the head region congestive headaches, migraines and sunstroke.

Pleo USTI (Ustilakehl)

Pleo Usti (Ustilakehl) is used for conditions of the uterus including hemorrhage, dysmenorrhea, metrorrhagia, headaches and menopausal symptoms.

Pleo UT 'S' (Utilin 'S')

Pleo Ut "S" (Utilin “S”) acts as a strong immune modulator in conditions of the respiratory tract, extra pulmonary tuberculosis and lungs. Also for fever and conditions of weakness.

Pleo ZINC (Zinkokehl)

Pleo Zinc (Zinkokehl) is used for zinc deficiency, fractures, delayed bone growth, arthritis, skin diseases, burns, reduced wound healing and ulceration of the lower leg.


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